SPLiCE Studios Singapore


protoolskeyboardSPLiCE Studios has been delivering award-winning mixes for over 2 decades. With Neumann mics & Apogee preamps into AVID ProTools workstations, we get a warm sound. We offer remote recording (ipDTL, SourceConnect, CleanFeed, etc.) and use Genelec & ADAM monitoring. We’ve been delivering mixes since 2004 in all formats, from mono through to the most complex surround formats.


SPLiCE Studios runs Asia’s leading VO website showcasing over 850 talents in all major Asian languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog, and so many more, as well as English and all European languages.



We have a 3-microphone podcast studio for creating episodes for the fastest-growing branding platform. We do everything from providing a recording space through to a full turnkey solution. We’ll take our client’s concept to creation and syndication, deepening the engagement between brand and audience. MOH Guidelines on group size may affect the availability of the podcast studio. We also produce our own podcasts


kennKenn Delbridge, M.P.S.E., leads the team at SPLiCE Studios. An award-winning sound designer and mixer with over 2 decades experience, his portfolio includes advertising, broadcast trailers, documentaries, and motion pictures.

Kenn has worked with international broadcasters including MTV, BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Bloomberg, NBC Universal and many others. His motion picture credits include sound design for 2 films for legendary HK film director Ringo Lam and an extensive collection of Asian ambience recordings.


Cendex Centre #07-07
120 Lower Delta Road
Singapore 169208
Telephone +65 98750877
Email info@splicestudios.com



The health and safety of visitors to SPLiCE Studios is our foremost priority during this ongoing pandemic. Only voice talent will come to the studio for sessions to minimize interactions. For the voice session to proceed:


  • All voice talents must use Trace Together app for Safe Entry

  • Voice talents will remove their mask only once inside the voice booth. They will observe social distancing of 1 metre at all times

  • All contact points are sanitized at the start of the day, between recording sessions, and at the end of the day.

  • Direction by client/agency/production house will be handled remotely via Zoom / HangOuts / Skype / Team / etc.

​For more information on COVID-19, please visit http://www.gov.sg/features/covid-19